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Professional profile and historical overview

The Institute for Religious Education is dedicated to equipping future pastors and religious education teachers with competences in the field of religious education. To this end, the Institute’s research and teaching focus on questions of religious education and spiritual nurture in society, school and church. Our research includes a range of methodologies such as empirical, historical, systematic and comparative approaches.

The Institute for Religious Education edits amongst others the academic journals "Theo-Web", "Glaube und Lernen" and "Schulfach Religion" (see research > publications).

The Institute is the most recent one of the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Vienna. It was established in the mid-1980s in the course of the reconstitution of religious education at theological faculties. Previously, catechetics and religious education were embraced within practical theology.

The Institute has been chaired by

  • Susanne Heine 1984-1990
  • Gottfried Adam 1992-2008
  • Martin Rothgangel since 2010




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